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I'm so excited and I just can't hide it,

I am So Excited to finally announce that I am hosting classes!

As a potter, I am so grateful that I have the luxury of having the kind of studio space that I do. I remember what it was like creating in shared community spaces and in the garage. Though I liked being within an ear shot of what was happening in the house with the kids, I was constantly having to move my tables around to accommodate whatever was needed to happen in the garage - like parking my car when the weather got wild! Anyways, not every potter is blessed with a separate space. Many use their basements, spare rooms, garages, sheds and really get creative with whatever space they have! Potters are a creatively resourceful type of people!

When I first started working in my studio (aside from the excitement!) I actually found it very quiet. Too quiet. It needed more than just organizing or moving my equipment in. I needed to spend time in the space, in the quiet, just reading and collecting thoughts. Eventually that turned into a desire to play, which turned into trying new things, which exploded into two new lines of work and many one of a kind creations. I will probably talk about this in more depth another time!

Which brings me to my point. haha! I miss teaching. I miss sharing time with other creators (regardless of skill level!) who co-create a class full of creativity and joy! I actually love hearing the phrases students say when they are pushing themselves into something new - and helping them open up new possibilities, not only with the clay, but within themselves.

Students say the darnedest things! For example, I had a student say "I never get it right the first time". You can hear how this person has a tendency to put a lot of pressure on themselves in many areas of their life! It was probably even a big step for this person to sign up for a class, with the preconceived notion they would struggle.

Clay offers an amazing and safe opportunity to grow self compassion and really learn how to play again. When was the last time you really threw yourself into a project with total abandonment? Sign up for the class, say yes to the adventure, just play.

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